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Lo-Carb LifeStyle


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Russo's Steak & Pasta Restaurant



Berry Best 10.1g

A colorful mix of sliced strawberries, blueberries

And blackberries mixed with sliced papaya and

Pine nuts

Salmon Lettuce Wraps 2.6g

A terrific twist on a classic favorite with cream cheese,

Tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and onion.

Protein Packed Omelet 8.1g

An omelet filled with sausage, bacon mushroom and

Cheeseits so lo-carb done just right.

Back at the Ranch  0.4g

Enjoy seared canadian bacon, sausage, smoked bacon and

A 5 oz burger with scrambled eggs.

Sizzling Steak and Eggs 10.6g

Grilled New York Sirloin, eggs just just the way you like them

And seared tomato glazed with pesto are memorable morning



Timely New York Style Cheesecake 7g

Everything is authentic about our decadently

Rich and creamy chessecakeexcept the clever

Lo-carb crushed almond crust.

Mixed Berries and Fresh Whipped Cream 9g

Sliced strawberries, blueberries, rasberries, and

Blackberries are topped with a generous dollop

Of fresh whipped cream.  Pure and simple.


With the accent of flavor, fuan and few carbs

Zero Carb


An artful balance of Smirnoff Vodka, Dry

Vermouth and a proper Lemon Twist.

The No-Carb Scotch & Soda

A timeless classic.  For all the right reasons.

Relax over Johnie Walker Red Label and soda,

Served with a twist.

Trim T&T

Tanqueray Gin and a diet tonic, garnished with two

Limes, offers a timely twist on a favorite.


The Skinny Greyhound

Tall and refreshing.  A a frosty pairing of Tanqueray gin

And grapefruit juice, topped with a fresh strawberry.

Passsionate Bloody Mary

A spicy blend of Smirnoff Vodka and our exclusive

Bloody Mary Mix. Garnished with lemon, celery and


Michelob Ultra

The lo-carb light beer with a taste smooth enough to

Carry the Michelob name


The No Chip Dip 14.7g

Smooth. Crunchy. Satisfying. Enjoy our

Creamy spinach and artichoke dip with

These healthy scoopers: asparagus, zucchin,

Squash, peppers, broccoli and celery.

Sassy Buffalo Chicken Wings 4.8g

Theres no flour on these wingsjust the

Spicy hot reward of flavor-intense wings,

Served with plenty of blue cheese and celery


The Updated Ceasar 4.0g

Forget the Croutons! Our interpretation of

Everybodys favorite salad is topped with a

Delicious parmesan crisp for crunchy appeal.

Seared Norwegian Salmon 12.8g

The simple goodness of hot smoked salmon is

Perfectly complemented by a hearty lentil stew

And roasted vegetables.

Mediterranean Chicken 1.4g

A grilled chicken Breast marinated in a garlic and

Citrus blend atoop braised artichokes and tomatoes.

Get ready for generous flavor rewards.

Seared New York Sirloin 1.4g

Hello, Steak Lovers.  Our New York Sirloin is

Accompanied by a delicious creamy cheddar and

Cauliflower mash.  Served with grilled asparagus

and a drizzle of red pepper oil.

No Buns Allowed Burgers  2.2g

Two burgers are always better than one.  Our pair of

Burgers are individually topped with American and

Blue cheese.  Served with onions, tomato and a tangy


Deli Platter International  1.7g

A tempting array of cold cuts and cheeses.  Enjoy grilled

Chicken breast, smoked turkey, beef salami, feta and

Cheddar cheese, hard boiled eggs and asparagus.

Ultimate Portobello Chicken Burger  2.9g

Mushroom lovers, rejoice.  Savor the goodness of diced

Portobellos inside the chicken burger and grilled as a side

Accompaniment, with tomato and avocado relish.